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Vacate Cleans

Does not include carpet and tile/grout cleaning. All basic pricing excludes G.S.T
2 Bedroom $280.00*
3 Bedroom $340.00*
4 Bedroom $400.00*
5 Bedroom $460.00*
$50 for each extra bathroom, a study is classed as a bedroom.
*Heavily soiled vacates will incur additional charges (incl G.S.T) such as:
Washing and Scrubbing down walls $110.00hr
Tip runs for left over rubbish $110.00hr + tip fees
Light fittings $5 each

Blinds $35 each

Basic Vacate Clean includes:
Vacuum throughout
Floors mopped
All bench tops and cupboards cleaned
Mirrors cleaned
Power points, light switches cleaned
Ceiling fans and exhaust fans cleaned
Skirting boards and architraves dusted
All doors wiped down
Internal cobwebs removed
Inside of all windows and tracks cleaned
Light spot cleaning of walls

Sink – clean and remove soap residue
Stove – clean burners, grill, drip trays, inside oven, range hood, general body of stove*
Shower/Bath – clean wall tiles, screen, shower recess and bath tub*
Vanity – clean and remove any stains and soap residue
Toilet – clean thoroughly inside and out
Sink/Tub – clean and remove any stains and soap residue

*Please note that heavily greased stoves/range hoods and soap scummed glass will incur extra charges (e.g. you’ve lived in the premises for over a year and never cleaned these items)








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