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Urine Decontamination

Whether youíre potty training an infant or you have pets, we all know what itís like when one of the members of the household has an accident on carpeted areas, mattresses or upholstery. Itís annoying, itís a mess and no one in particular wants to clean it up. But did you know that even when you "cleanĒ up the disaster zone nearly 100 per cent of the time you are only cleaning whatís on the surface? Thatís right! Those nasty urine crystals get not only into the carpet fibres but also into your carpet backing, underlay and cement or wood flooring beneath that create that mal-odour and also why when you have cleaned it up the cat or dog goes back to that area and does it again and again. Not anymore! Here at RMM Carpet Cleaning we use a specialised product and technique to ensure that the treatment reaches every area that the urine has spread itís contaminating substance. No more Mal-odour! No more traces of urine for your pet to sniff out and use that area again. It not only treats the mal-odour in the affected areas but also the air-borne odours already in the atmosphere. So whether you have a big or small problem when it comes to urine contamination call RMM Carpet Cleaning today for an obligation free quote and be concerned no more.





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