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RMM Tile and Grout Cleaning

From Esperance to Leinster we will give you the best clean available using the latest techniques, fully trained technician and good old fashioned service.

Our unique tile cleaning process ensures that there is no mess on your floor or walls after the cleaning process.

We apply only tried and tested cleaners to the tile and grout that helps to release the dirt. A commercial scrubber is then used to help move those stubborn stains and ensure the best result.

Then using a state of the art tile cleaning tool, we apply very hot water at 1000 psi into the tile and grout blasting all the dirt out of the fine pores of the tile and grout.

During the cleaning process the waste water is sucked away to bring out the original beauty and colour of the tile and grout leaving your floor perfectly clean and residue free

The Cleaned Surface is dry in around 30minutes

If you want a professional result with No fuss whilst avoiding that back breaking, knee hurting task then why not call - RMM Carpet Cleaning today !!






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