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Terms and Conditions for RMM CARPET CLEANING

Estimates and Quoting.

Our minimum charge for any job is $90.00 (this can be a combination of rooms, hallways, stairs etc).

The price for our services given to you over the phone / email is subject to inspection of the job before work commences.

When our technicians arrive at your premises they will inspect and measure the areas you have told us about. The technician will then inspect the carpet and stains before work commences.

The technician will also confirm the price with you before work commences.

Most of the time the price given over the phone does not change.

The technician will sometimes quote extra after inspection when the following occurs;

There are extra rooms or areas that we were not told about.

Parking near the job is unavailable.

Carpet is heavily soiled and needs industrial cleaning.

Some stains require extra treatments such as heat transfer methods.

Access to the job is deemed difficult access.

There are animal stains or odours that require extra treatments.

Access to Your Premises.

If access to the job is 2 flights of stairs or more (30 stairs or more) from where the van is parked, a difficult access fee will be charged of $25.00 minimum.

Spotting and Stain Removal.

Normal spots and stains are included in the cleaning price.

Difficult stain removal is not included in the cleaning price such as; aged cordial, curry, rust stains, urine etc. If difficult stain removal procedures are required these will be quoted before work commences.

RMM CARPET CLEANING does not guarantee stain removal for permanent stains

Emergency Stain Removals

General Conditions

All prices include GST.

Carpet Dry Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning are the same price.

A small hallway is to a maximum of 7m2.

Combined Lounge dining area is considered as 2 rooms.

Any no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will attract a cancellation fee.





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