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RMM Carpet Cleaning gets rid of nasty dirt and grime from your carpets.

We at RMM Carpet Cleaning believe that not all rooms are created equal so this makes it difficult to give you the client a set room rate. Because of this we charge a flat-rate of $3.50 a sq/m for every carpeted room after the initial $90 call out which includes your first room and hallway. Our services include a pre-vacuum, pre-spray, deep steam clean and carpet groom*

*Extra applies for heavily soiled carpets which will be assessed by our technician before work commences.

For your convenience we have mobile eftpos available.

If you are sick of having to wait around 6 hours or more for your carpet to dry and want a greater clean then give us a call today. Our unique process means that your carpets will be dry in just over an hour with our deep steam clean or 30 minutes for our dry clean method**

** Drying times will be affected by daily weather patterns.


We use the industry's most advanced carpet cleaning system, equipment and solutions.

These units provide unrivaled steam cleaning power and deep-down suction to remove ground-in soil and revive your carpet's appearance.

Our cleaning starts with a good vacuuming of the entire area, followed by a pre-spray treatment to break up dirt and other residues, followed by a deep scrub + steam. The result of the clean is absorbed by our powerful system, leaving your carpet almost dry. We use only environmentally friendly biodegradable professional cleaning products which are 100% safe to be used in any home.

We recommend even twice or more a year if you have small children, pets or if you suffer from allergies. Besides the health issues related to the need of carpet cleaning, there is also the esthetic issue, your home is a reflection of your life and how you have chosen to live it. Maintaining and making your carpet looking good is always beneficial and positively affects your self esteem and mood. It makes your house a pleasant place to relax, rest and have fun with your family, friends and guests.

Steam cleaning is the most recommended method of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers. It does not wear down the fibers of the carpet, it cleans deep and leaves no residue behind to attract soil to a recently cleaned carpet. When done correctly, it leaves your carpet cleaner - a deeper clean that will last longer. The major carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain the appearance and warranties of your carpeting.

RMM carpet cleaning provides businesses with the secure knowledge that their carpets will be cleaned professionally. Business premises are usually subject to quite heavy traffic and soiling. This results in carpets look dirty and they can smell.

It is important that your staff work in a clean environment but more important your clients and customers enjoy one too. Removing the dirt from your carpet will also save you money as the dirt can wear down fibres resulting in a costly need to replace the carpet.

RMM Carpet Cleaning can provide a routine carpet cleaning service for your premises in order to preserve the quality and beauty of your carpet for many years to come.

We also provide a reliable and stain free upholstery steam cleaning for your commercial furniture.



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